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As a reunited birthmom who was searching in NYS I have found great rewards in attempting to help other birthmoms and adoptees whose search is also in NY. The following pages are just one way of making an effort to make our lives more complete by finding our lost bchildren and bparents. I found my son on 10/28/99 and our first contact by phone was on 11/02/99. I cannot begin to describe the peace that I am feeling now that my family is complete.

Reunion Pictures

Sylvia and BSon, Dan - 11/13/99

Joanie, BBro Howie and BMom, Pat 2000

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Our NY Adoption List is private, meaning messages can only be read by list members. It is not "open" for all to see. The focus of the list is to help those whose search relates to an adoption in New York State. It doesn't matter if you are an adoptee, a birthparent, a birth sibling, or simply a friend of someone searching. There are others just like you on the list ready to welcome you.

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