To Manage your subscription to the NYAdoption List go to:

ou can log into your account by using the block at the bottom of the page. Type in your email address and click the "Unsubscribe or edit options" button. You will then be taken into your account front page where you can have your password sent to you or you can login with your password to change your personal settings or change your password.

1. How do I send an email to the list?

To send mail to the list, send it to nyadoption@nxport.com

2. Can I send mail to the list from another address?

No, you can only send mail to the list from the address that you are subscribed with.

3. How do I reply to an email that I see on the list?

You can hit reply to all which will send the reply to both the list and the individual or you can just hit reply which will send it only back to the individual.

4. Is there a restriction on how many times I can send my information to the list?

NO. Tuesday is our official "posting day", but you may post your information *any* day or *every* day if you wish.

5. Can we send attachments to the list?

NO. The following should not be sent to the list: Pictures, URL's mailed from the web page and some mail that is forwarded also comes to the list as an attachment.

6. I found a web page that I would like to share with the list members. Can I send it to the list?

NO. You may send the URL for the page, but web pages are designed in HTML and that will make the digest unreadable.

7. I have been told I am sending my email to the list in HTML format and that I I should change it to Plain Text. What is HTML and how do I do this?

HTML is an abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. This is used to create web pages. If you send email that is in HTML format some people will not be able to read it and those on the digest will see all the HTML coding and it will be difficult for them to read. You can find instructions for changing the settings for your email on the following page:

8. What is the difference between regular mail, digest mail and no mail?

Regular mail is when you receive the individual emails as they are sent to the list. Digest mail is a compilation of 15 or so emails to the list that are in one email. You will receive 5 to 8 of them a day depending on how "talkative" the members are. If you are on nomail you can still send messages to the list, but you do not receive the list mail. This is used when people go on vacation or just need a "break".

9. I am receiving too much mail. How do I change to the digest?

Follow the above instructions.

10. If I am on digest, do I receive all the mail that the regular list receives.

Yes. The only difference is that you receive several of the posts in one email instead of individually.

11. What does NAR mean when it is in the subject line?

NAR means Non-Adoption-Related. In other words, it has nothing to do with adoption and can be deleted if you do not have time to read all the mail.

12. How can I find out what the various abbreviations that people use mean? Go to:

Deb's List of Abbreviations