Introduction to Mailing Lists

A mailing list is a discussion group that uses e-mail to communicate.

How a Mailing List Works

When a mailing list receives a message, a copy of the message goes to everyone on the mailing list.


Just as you would subscribe to a newspaper or magazine, you can subscribe to a mailing list. Subscribing adds your e-mail address to the mailing list.


If you no longer want to receive messages from a mailing list, you can unsubscribe from the mailing list at anytime. Unsubscribing removes your e-mail address from the mailing list.

Mailing List Address

The mailing list address receives messages intended for the entire list. This is the address you use to send messages you want all the people on the list to receive. Do not send subscription or unsubscription requests to the mailing list address.

Administrative Address

The administrative address receives messages dealing with administrative issues. This is the address you use to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a mailing list.

Subscribing Tips

Welcome Message

When you subscribe to a mailing list, you usually receive a welcome message to confirm that your e-mail address has been added to the list. This message may explain any rules the mailing list has about sending message to the list.

Check For Messages

After you subscribe to a mailing list make sure you check your mailbox frequently. You can receive dozens of messages in a short period of time.


If you receive a lot of messages from a mailing list, find out if the list is available as a digest. A digest groups individual messages together and sends them to you as one message.

If You Are Going On Vacation

When you are going to be away from your computer and not able to check your mail often, please set yourself to nomail which will temporarily stop the list mail from coming to your mail box. When you return you can set yourself back to mail and your list mail will resume.