The 2nd NY Adoption Annual Picnic

Our 2nd Annual NY Adoption Picnic was held Aug 6th - 8th at Whitney Point, NY in Broome County at the home of Cathy and George Seltzer. There were 50 actual list members in attendance with a few guests that were prior list members or potential list members. Total attendance including spouses and children neared 200. Games for the children were well organized and you would hardly have known they were around! Food was in abundance and a wonderful time was had by all.

One highlight of the picnic was a candle lighting/closing ceremony at which poems were shared and songs were sung by all. It was very emotional for all of us and there was not a dry eye around. I would call it a "bonding ceremony" as the ceremony forever bonded those of us that were there to share it.

The following page holds pictures of that memorable day.