If You Are Searching in Onondaga or surrounding Counties

Cheryl Barclay and Mary Augustus

Our names are Cheryl Barclay (barclayca@hotmail.com) and Mary Augustus (lamoravia@aol.com) and we both live in the Syracuse area. Cheryl's a birth mom who has searched and found her daughter (over 13 years ago). Mary is an adoptee who searched and found her birth family over 10 years ago. They have been doing searches together for others in the Central New York area for about 5 years now. Two years ago they held a seminar at the Onondaga County Library on searching and were subsequently interviewed by a local television channel.

As far as hiring them is concerned: They have limited themselves to searches within Onondaga and surrounding counties only. They have gone as far as Saranac Lake, but would prefer to stay closer to home. They don't charge anything up front. What they do is ask that the person searching (adoptee, sibling, birth parent) share all the information that they have. If additional information is needed, they guild th e person looking on how to request it. Once they have ALL the information available, they decide if it's a search that they can accomplish. At that point they talk to the person that is looking for their help, and discuss a reasonable fee for their services. They have several references available that they can supply for anyone requesting them, as they've have quite a few successes.